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But What About My Cardio?

June 27, 2009

We often get asked that question at Efficient Exercise over and over especially when people are starting out with the program.  I will then turn two questions back to the clients to ask themselves:

1) Why am I doing cardio?

2) Are there any parts of my body I am wrecking b/c of my insistence on cardio? (knees, back, etc.)

If the answer to the first question revolves around losing weight then you are literally and figuratively spinning your wheels.  You won’t get the results you are looking for from the treadmill.  You must increase your lean muscle tissue and decrease your caloric intake.

If you are wreaking havoc on your body because of the engrained thought that you MUST do “cardio” then please stop right away…your joints will thank you for it.

Dr. Doug McGuff MD who wrote Body by Science paid us a visit earlier this year and talked about the effects of high intensity training.  In this segment, he references how at the cellular level doing high intensity strength training is like getting in your “cardio” workout.  If you are going to read one chapter on fitness this year I highly recommend chapter 2 in that book entitled: Global Metabolic Conditioning.

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