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Effective Abdominal Work

September 13, 2010

I make a habit of explaining to my clients the reasons behind why I don’t incorporate very many direct abdominal movements within their routines.  But, as battling the plethora of misinformation propagated by late-night fitness “gurus” is a full-time gig in and of itself, I thought I’d pass-on a couple of fine resource articles that I came across recently, in an attempt to short-circuit those late-night purveyors of misinformation.  So here’s a nice little homework assignment for all Efficient Exercise clients: check-out the following articles (here and here), and come in to your next workout ready to discuss what you’ve read with your trainers  🙂

Also, Mike Robertson (the author of the previously cited articles) had another in-depth piece in T-Nation a while back.  It covers some of the same material as the first two articles, but if you’d like a little more discussion on the topic, be sure to check this one out as well.

Remember, a rock-solid core acts as the power transfer medium between you and the ground and/or you and a held/carried implement.  As well, that same rock-solid core acts as a support mechanism for the back; a strong core translates into a healthy, happy spine!

And a quick note about the T-Nation site: if you can suffer through the sophomoric, testosterone-fueled exterior, the interior is chock-full of excellent information written by some of the foremost Strength and Conditioning minds in the game.

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