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Good Eats; Fueling the Efficient Exercise Workout

November 24, 2010

“Dai due regni di natura, piglia il cibo con misura” ~ “From the two kingdoms of nature, choose food with care.”

The quest for optimum phenotypical expression — in other words, choosing to project one’s healthiest, most positive self into the world — might be considered the “mission statement” of avid Physical Culturalists the world over.  And proper fueling — especially following a demanding training session — is of utmost importance toward that end.

We at Efficient Exercise advocate a healthy, nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory diet to fuel our clients’ brief, yet intense, training sessions.  We also support the efforts of Austin-area farmers, ranchers, businesses and artisans  to supply fresh, in-season, and locally raised/crafted products, as we enjoy knowing that as we better our bodies, we’re also contributing to the betterment of our community, both in an environmental and economic sense.   We’re proud members of Go Local Austin, and encourage all Austinites to support this fine organization.

“Brief, brutal and basic”, underscores our training philosophy here at Efficient Exercise; some would call our methods High Intensity Training (HIT), some would label them High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) — the fact is, though, that we hold true to no one particular training methodology dogma, choosing instead to craft the most applicable training method and modality to the individual client. Is the following workout appropriate for everyone?  Absolutely not.  For this particular trainee, though, with his unique set of goals and abilities, it equates to smart (and efficient!) exercise programming.

Five rounds of the following superset, completed in approximately 20-minutes:

Power cleans, 4 – 7 rep range target, loaded appropriately

Dips, 25 rep range target, loaded if necessary (rest pause method as required)

And what better way to fuel that workout than with this example of a healthy, nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory meal?  Not exactly a “simple” spring mix salad!  Unfortunately, this shot was taken after the duck and sirloin had been added, which obscures all the other goodies (pears, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, raw milk cheddar cheese, etc.) hidden below.  What you can see, though, is thinly sliced grilled sirloin (leftover from the previous evening’s dinner), and out-of-this-world duck “bacon”, courtesy of Austin’s fine butcher and charcuterie artisans, Dia Due.

By no means your everyday, run-of-the-mill “salad”…

A fine creation made even better by being topped with Michelle Norris’ own creamy, fresh herb, vinaigrette.


In health,


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