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Keep it simple: The “S” Diet for the Holidays

November 29, 2010

If you’ve been to an Efficient Exercise studio, and chances are that if you’re reading this that you have, then you’ve seen references to the Paleo Solution (or the Paleo Diet) hung in our facilities. For life-long wellness and leanness, the general plan is hard to beat and, if you’re training with a brief and brutal approach (hint: you’re training with us), then you’ve found fitness and that’s what you should be after. However, when a client is new and not quite convinced of how successful such a plan can be, adjustments must be made. We meet the person where they are at, and since we’re at the holiday season, I’m going to give you a realistic plan for keeping the holiday weight gain at bay. Even a rank newbie can apply this approach. Ready?

1) The “S” diet.

No snacks, no seconds, and no sweets, except on days that begin with the letter “s.”

2) And skip a meal or two several times a week to teach the body to switch to metabolizing stored calories.

And there is no 3. That’s it. I’m not so believing as to think that clients are not going to eat tasty holiday treats, but the closer a person can follow this, the better a person will be after the holiday. Of course if you’re already adhering to a real food eating plan with no trouble, this might seem unnecessary. However, even someone like me whose modus operandi is paleo eating, I like brownies. And cake. And ice cream. I don’t like how they make me feel if I eat too much so I keep this in the back of my head during any gathering I attend and my weight stays exactly the same throughout. For example I had 3 desserts on Thanksgiving and my weight didn’t budge simply by following what I’m suggesting.

Keep it simple and you’ll keep it slim this holiday season.


Thanks to Johnny over at the Lean Saloon for compiling this so succinctly. It’s simple, and memorable, much more than how I used to explain it.

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