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Downtown Austin HIT, and a Locavore Smorgasbord

December 6, 2010

HIT-HIT, hurray!  I performed the following session at Efficient Exercise’s downtown “HIT dungeon”, at 714 Congress:

(A1) MedX Lumbar Extension: 12 reps x 2 sets, 4010 tempo

(B1) Tru Squat: extended set, rest-pause method, 40×1 tempo; 10, 5, 3, 3 reps

(C1) Leg press: 17 reps (4010 tempo)

the following two “D” exercises were done in superset fashion as a pre-exhaust for the follow-up “E” exercise:

(D1) Nautilus Pec Dec: 50×0 tempo, 10, 7, 7 reps

(D2) Nautilus reverse flye: 50×0 tempo, 12, 8, 7 reps

(E1) Xccentric flat press: 50×0 tempo; 12, 11 reps

(F1) Nautilus pull-over: 5010 tempo, extended set, rest-pause method; 10, 3, 2 reps

A quick note on the terms “tempo”, and “rest-pause”:

Tempo defines the cadence of each individual repetition; the speed (in seconds) of both the lifting and lowering portion of the repetition.  For example, a tempo of 5010 defines a cadence consisting of a 5-second lowering of the weight, no pause at the full stretch, a 1-second lifting phase, and no pause (an immediate shift into the lowering phase) at the apex of the lift.  Tempo is very important, as it helps to quantify (along with external load) the amount of work completed.

Rest-Pause is a method by which small (i.e., 5 to 15 second) pauses are inserted between an otherwise unbroken string of repetitions within a single, extended exercise set.  Just another method by which to ratchet-up exercise intensity.

Now, being the “exercise sommelier” (thanks for that one, Steve) that I am, check out the meal that I chose to “pair” with the above workout:

Fabulous chow; locally sourced

Being a Physical Culturalist at heart means that I am, in fact, at the same time a dedicated “foodie” and an exercise/fitness connoisseur.  And the two disciplines are not nearly at odds to the extent that you might think; the fact is, the two disciplines are indeed quite complimentary.  Remember folks, the combined effect of proper exercise and proper diet produces results far greater than those that can be expected simply by adhering to one at the exclusion of the other; the classic “combination being greater than the sum of its constituent parts” scenario.

Let’s take a quick tour around the ol’ plate and see what we have here:

Between 1 and 3 o’clock, we have a simple avocado and tomato “salad”.  Central Market and/or Wheatsville sources the bulk of our salad fixings.  The avocado is topped with a fine, seasoned goat feta, from the folks at CKC Farms in nearby Blanco.

At 5 and 6 o’clock respectively, we have a lovely Italian fruit mustardo and a tasty pickle relish, both from Austin’s Kocurek Family Artisanal Charcuterie.

The larger of the two sausages here is a German style pork variety, from String Prairie’s Peach Creek Farm; the smaller being a Kocurek free-range pork frank.  What’s the difference between a Kocurek frank and the store-bought variety?  So distant as to not even be from the same food group  🙂  Set between the sausages is a dollop of  Dai Due’s famous Fireman’s mustard.  By far my favorite, nostril-clearing concoction!

At 11 there’s a fabulous apple and fennel seed sauerkraut from Straight from the Vine.  And to finish things off, there’s one of my favorite Kocurek creations, a pork and beef “cheek to cheek” terrine.

Yes folks, maintaining a sensible, nutrient-dense diet is just excruciatingly difficult  😉

In health,

Keith “the martyr” Norris


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