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Power Cleans and Duck Confit; the Exercise Sommelier Strikes Again

December 13, 2010

Think Efficient Exercise is all about machine-based training?  Think again.  Our approach to fitness is decidedly non-dogmatic; we focus, instead, on ensuring that each and every client is on the most productive, efficient and effective path to attaining their goals, irregardless of exercise modality.  Free weights, body weight movements, machines — they’re all in the mix.  The only thing we are adamant in avoiding is the shoehorning any of our clients into pre-baked, “cookie-cutter” programs.  We recognize that what works for one may not work for all, and vice-versa.  Individuality is key, both in a physiological and psychological sense.

So here’s a routine that one of my clients recently followed.  He’s a young, athletic guy, who’s looking for a little more “pop” in his game, and a little more “buff” to the ol’ physique.  He’s certainly come to the right place.  The following workout took place at Efficient Exercise’s Rosedale studio.

(A1) single-arm dumbbell snatch, progressing, in the later rounds, to a snatch + single-arm press/push-press/jerk combo

(A2) dips (30×0 tempo)

(B1) narrow-grip barbell snatch, progressing, in the later rounds (and with significantly heavier weight), to snatch-grip high pulls

(B2) dips (same explosive tempo)

The emphasis here was speed-in-execution, and with the dips, that meant curtailing the set when speed diminished; no “grind it out sets” today.

So what would any self-respecting Physical Culturalist/exercise sommelier pair with such and explosive workout?

Locally sourced...and damn good!

How about this beauty?  Here we have (beginning at the 11 o’clock position) duck confit and pickled green tomatoes, together with a wonderful smoked pork chop, all from Austin’s own purveyor of fine edibles, Dai Due.  Opposite, we have Michelle Norris‘ (Meesus TTP  🙂  ) most awesome sauteed (in bacon and duck fat) Brussels sprouts.  And in the center of the plate is a small helping of Blanco’s CKC Farms goat feta.   Fuel for the fervent!  And for even the most discriminating of tastes!

In health,



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